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SPIRITUAL WARFARE PRODUCTIONS is run by its CEO and founder, Randy Barach. Growing up, Barach worked as a professional drummer and behind the scenes in film. Working with some of the biggest names in show business, he learned and cultivated many talents that have been brought to the big screen and stage. He has been involved in various aspects of entertainment, including stage, film, special-effects makeup, and lighting, as well as all the details in between. His vast experiences led him to build this production company from the ground up, utilizing resources and expertise gained in his younger years.

SWP offers numerous services, and collaborates with a select group of other companies and colleagues to expand its capabilities for top-notch shows, concerts, performances, and productions. All your multi-media productions will have a special touch from highly-skilled professionals who specialize in every trade in the business. Whether it’s lighting a stage, filming your production, or recording and production your album, SWP has an expert touch as well as the hands-on experience with our clients and fan base.

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